Why Ask Why

Life today is busy, and all too often the demands of a hectic daily schedule keep us from pursuing answers to life’s big questions: where did we come from, why are we here, how we should live our lives, and what happens to us when we die? These critical questions raise others about existence of God, whether belief in God is just a psychological crutch for weak people, why an all-powerful God allows innocent people to suffer, if Heaven exists/how one gets there, and more.  


Socrates said that the unexamined life is not worth living, and it’s also been suggested that the unexamined faith is not worth having. The way we resolve (or fail to resolve) these fundamental life questions will have a deep impact on how we live - our priorities, our ethics and values, the quality of our relationships, the way we respond to life’s challenges, our sense of purpose and meaning, and how we respond to the reality of our mortality.


Even when we find the time to consider these vital questions, we often lack relationships in which we can discuss such questions without fear of being judged or subjected to emotionally charged reactions.  In The Search for Answers, Bill and Larry converse openly and respectfully about these common questions most of us have considered. These brief discussions include real evidence and logical responses, not simply dogma, emotionalism or leaps of faith. Honest seekers and doubters who want faith in God to make sense will find real help in these dialogues, as will those who want to give reasons for their faith.